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Best Fromme Bike Trails

You've made it to The Shore and you want to check out Mount Fromme. Here are my recommendations.


Warm Up (Blue)

Bobsled (blue) and Floppy Bunny (black) are a good way to bang out a few quick laps to get a feel for the zone before climbing up higher. Bobsled is a machine built flow trail that's a blast for beginner and intermediates alike. Floppy Bunny is right before Bobsled and has a few low ladder bridges and jumps. Just watch out for the first roll in on the right side. Always look before you leap.


A Dark Blue Lap

The best bang for your buck Fromme lap would be climbing up the road from the parking lot to the seventh switchback to get to the start of 7th Secret. 7th is a heavily armoured trail that rides well in the wet or dry. It has some log rides, ladders and small jumps. At the end of the trail at the tee intersection (left for Leppard) go right to the fireroad and twenty feet up the road cross over to Espresso. This trail is more flow with its bermed corners, small tables and an optional rock slab. The bit of mandatory woodwork does make it a black. Good for intermediates and experts alike. This lap gives you an elevation drop of 379m. To get back to your starting point, go left on the Baden Powell until you hit the car park.


Solid black (double black in the wet)

If you want continuous gnar, your best bet would be Bookwus (double black) to Upper Crippler (black) and ending on Lower Crippler (black). These are challenging trails in the dry and go up a few levels in the wet. Bookwus and Upper Crippler have tight corners, roots and fall line descents that will leave you with forearm pump. By the time you hit lower crippler you'll welcome the short slab lines and the man made roller coaster wood feature. Test your OG North Shore bike handling skills here and find the flow in the jank.


Short On Time But Not On Skill


Boundary (double black)  is my favourite trail on the west side of the mountain. It's got challenging rock rolls, ladders and elevated bridge work that's been recently restored.

Take the climb trail known as No Quarter  on the west side of the mountain which is as follows: For the Kids, left on Dempsey, left on St Mary's, stay right on Skid Road Connector, turn right on Skid Road and do the final climb on Skid Road Ascent. After that it's a right and a short sidehill on the Baden Powell to the top of Boundary. Now let'r rip.


When you're done with Fromme you can check out Seymour and Cypress.