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Organic Shimano Deore Compatible | 2 Pairs

Organic Shimano Deore Compatible | 2 Pairs

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Loam Goat organic brake pads for superior modulation and strong bite. Enjoy many miles of silent braking. If you want more power and longer life for aggressive riding conditions, consider the sintered version. 

 Compatible with:

  • Shimano D03S

    • XT BR-8000, BR-8100, BR-M8120,BR-M8020
    • SLX BR-7100, BR-M7120
    • DEORE BR-M6100, BR-M6120, BR-M5100, BR-MT520, BR-MT420
    • SAINT BR-M820,BR-M810
    • ZEE BR-M640
    • BR-MT520


    • Quadiem
    • Quadiem SL
    • Slate T4


    • HD-M750
    • HD-M745
    • HD-M735
    • HD-E725


  • For 4 piston Deore brake calipers
  • 2 pairs of pads in each package
  • One order will cover the front and rear brakes
  • Each pair of pads comes with one spring and will fit one caliper
  • Organic pad material for maximum modulation, silent braking and strong bite