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Shimano Deore Compatible | 2 Pairs
Shimano Deore Compatible | 2 Pairs
Shimano Deore Compatible | 2 Pairs
Compatible with:  Shimano G04S

Shimano Deore Compatible | 2 Pairs

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Loam Goat sintered brake pads for the strongest stopping power in all conditions. These long lasting pads will provide superior fade free performance for your braking pleasure.

 Compatible with:

  • Shimano D02S

    • XTR BR-M9120
    • XT BR-M8120,BR-M8020
    • SLX BR-M7120
    • DEORE BR-M6120,BR-MT420
    • SAINT BR-M820,BR-M810
    • ZEE BR-M640
    • BR-MT520


    • Quadiem
    • Quadiem SL
    • Slate T4


    • HD-M750
    • HD-M745
    • HD-M735
    • HD-E725


  • 2 pairs of pads in each package
  • One order will cover the front and rear brakes
  • Each pair of pads comes with one spring and will fit one caliper
  • Metallic pad material for maximum stopping power, heat dissipation and long life
  • Please check your rotors are not resin only rotors


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